Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Columbus Bar Association 2012 Annual Meeting

This Friday, June 15, at noon is the Annual Meeting of the Columbus Bar Association (CBA). Current CBA President, David Bloomfield will preside and be sworn in as Immediate-Past President. Brad Wrightsel will be sworn in as President, and Mark Petrucci will be sworn in as President-Elect. Keith Schneider will be sworn in as Secretary-Treasurer.

Board members who were re-elected for a second term are Jennifer Adair, Aaron Granger, and Jay Michael. The newly elected board members are  Jim Abrams, Stephanie Hanna and LeeAnn Massucci. These board members will join the following board members: Jack Guttenberg, Brigid Heid, Sandra McIntosh, Lisa Pierce Reisz, and Gregory Travalio.

The Executive Director of the CBA is Jill Snitcher-McQuain.