Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome Caregivers Attending Alzheimer's Association Presentation

I want to welcome the attendees of tonight's Caregiving 101 Program sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association of Central Ohio.  The attendees have already covered, among other topics, the medical aspects of dementia, safety and communication, the art of caregiving, and community resources. Tonight we will discuss legal issues.  I hope you find the discussion, the written materials and this site useful.


Anonymous said...

My mother has Alzheimer's and will need some help with in home care in the very near future and later full nursing care. My father is the caregiver but the care is getting burdensome. My parents income is low. Which medicaid program would you recommend?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

RESEARCH ON CAREGIVING STRESS AND HEALTH: Men and women, age 35-80, who are caregivers for spouses or parents with memory disorders or dementias (such as Alzheimer's disease) can earn $40 for research participation that includes a blood draw and 3-4 hours of interviews and questionnaires about your recent and lifetime history of stress and health. We are also seeking "control" or noncaregiving premenopausal women, who are NOT providing any care to an impaired family member. For a detailed study description, visit