Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Lunch with the Ladies of the Grandview Civic Welfare Club

I have waited months and months for the motivation to return from my blog hiatus. As it turns out, my inspiration is a 90 year old club in Grandview, Ohio. Yesterday, I had the privilege to speak to the members of the Grandview Civic Welfare Club. A perk of being a male speaker for an all-ladies club is gaining admission to one of their meetings. (They meet the second Wednesday of each month at the Grandview Heights Public Library). What did I observe? A concise and relevant meeting of a group that prides itself on helping the communities of Grandview and Marble Cliff. The club was recognized last month by Mayor Ray DeGraw when he presented the group with a proclamation, declaring October 13 as "Grandview Civic Welfare Day" in the city. While a proclamation is nice and well-deserved, these members appear to be motivated by serving their community. There is also the fun aspect. If you are ever at the Grandview Heights Public Library's lower level and hear laughter, chances are it’s the Grandview Civic Welfare Association.


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